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November Art After Hours, featuring Hope Delivered

Brand New Business Hope Delivered to Launch Business on November 14th

Graphic Designer Chad Langhoff just moved to Raleigh five weeks ago with a dream in his heart. He grew up with a love for comic books that quickly became an obsession. His life was so consumed with escaping into comic books that he was neglecting daily responsibilities like loving his wife well, doing his work with excellence, and evaluating his priorities. He “began searching for a new creative release that would not take over [his] life or [his] values” and stumbled upon minimalist art. Minimalist art “tak[es] something as complex as a character or a movie and strip[s] it down to simple, recognizable graphical elements.” Although there is a wealth of minimalist art out there, Chad’s is different in that it illustrates the most important story in his life: the story of the Bible. The illustration of the Bible through minimalist art has helped Chad to have conversations with people who do believe in the Bible and with people who do not believe in the Bible and has allowed him to share more about his faith in Jesus.


What began as a personal project has quickly escalated into a full-on business concept that was named Hope Delivered. On November 14 from 6pm-9pm The Cotton Company will host a reception for artist Chad Langhoff. This reception will mark Hope Delivered’s launch of their online store, which will occur on the same day. All art will be available for purchase and for each piece purchased, a donation will be made to Open Doors, a ministry that provides Bibles to persecuted Christians around the world. The donation to Open Doors covers the production of the Bible as well as cost to ship the Bible around the world.


The artist reception will be Hope Delivered’s official launch party, so please join Chad Langhoff and his family as they mark a grand milestone in their lives as business owners! Enjoy a sample of wine and free refreshments, and meet Chad on November 14th from 6pm-9pm at The Cotton Company in Historic Downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina.


Chad’s November exhibit will hang in The Cotton Company Gallery from November 10th-December 7th.


The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.


For more information contact April Cannon at (919) 570-0087. 









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306 S. White Street, Wake Forest, NC - 919-570-0087

Store Hours: Mon-Thurs 10-6pm, Fri-Sat 10-8pm, Sun 1-5pm