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April Art After Hours

Double Feature Touchable Art Exhibit by

Lisa Doherty & Rhonda Spina


The Cotton Company is one of the shops where artists will be hanging on April 11. This month’s Art After Hours exhibit will feature textiles from Lisa Doherty and Rhonda Spina. Lisa Doherty specializes in freeform knitting, while Rhonda Spina specializes in handmade wooden crafts for the home.


Lisa began knitting when she was just a young girl. After college, she says that knitting became “a serious hobby and sweaters were my favorite kind of project.” She learned about freeform knitting via the Internet and started with bags, later branching out into other items. Her part of the exhibit this month will feature examples of her scarves, purses, and wraps, with the ability to do custom orders. Freeform knitting involves using a combination of fabrics to create an interesting texture with contrasting colors.


Rhonda says that she’s “always been an artsy kind of person.” In 2008, he brother began building his first home and she noticed that there was a collection of unused wood from the building project. Having the mind of an artist, she resolved to save the wood and create something with it. As the owner of Cross My Hear Creations, Rhonda’s main focus is wooden crosses, and in order to make them she uses wood, metal, and paint to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Since Easter is quickly approaching, she wanted to make her portion of the exhibit a place where she could display these beautiful crosses. The purpose behind her work is that she wishes to inspire others and to help them understand what love is.

An artist reception will be held during Art After Hours on April 11 from 6pm-9pm for Lisa Doherty and Rhonda Spina. Come enjoy free wine samples and refreshments and speak with these ladies about their artwork and what inspires them!

The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small business and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.

For more information call (919) 570-0087.

This Exhibit is free and open to the public, hanging in the Art Gallery from April 7th-May 4th.

Rhonda Spina








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