Stars and Stripes

While Memorial Day is often a day for gathering with friends, shopping, time on the lake, eating and just general relaxation, it is also important to remember that these freedoms are sustained by those willing to sacrifice for them. Being the wife of a Veteran, it feels important to remind all of us (even myself) that we have great opportunities here in this wonderful country because throughout generations, brave men and women have preserved them and they deserve to be remembered. That being said, all of us here at The Cotton Company want you to come out, enjoy your freedom, socialize and just bask in the unique shopping experience we offer. So we’ve compiled a few fun and patriotic pieces for you and your home.

psssst….These would also work for July 4th!




This pillow transports you to an entirely different time period while still showing your love for the good ole USA! Check this out at Pocketful of Posies‘ booth on our Marketplace side!





Show your patriotism by putting together this snazzy pair from the DMC Designs booth on our Marketplace side! It’s always the right time to don your red, white and blue!

Hosting any parties during these patriotic summer holidays? These fun magnets/chalkboard would make a perfect party accessory or even unique party favors!

This can also be found in the Pocketful of Posies booth!

I know what you’re thinking. A scarf? In summer? Don’t forget Veteran’s Day during much chillier times. This could also be the finishing touch to that outfit you’ve been putting together for your military loved one’s homecoming!

Check out this scarf and more in the Girly Corner booth on our Marketplace side!


Mother’s Make The World Go ‘Round

Hours of labor or months of waiting to meet their little one. Treks across oceans to get to you or c-sections. Late nights, tears, stuffy noses and ear infections. First days of school, broken hearts, homework help and piano lessons. Meal preparations, carpool lines and endless mountains of laundry. Tough love when you came home past curfew and unmatched support as you crossed the finish line…even if you were last. You know what all of these things have in common? Mom. That’s right, the insanely beautiful, perplexing and remarkable existence of Mothers. Adoptive moms, biological moms, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and sometimes even strangers. You see, “Mom” isn’t defined by blood. Choice to love and do what’s best for those in their care and selflessness is what makes you a mom. The mother’s heart has an immense ability to love, nurture and grow others. So today, those of us here at The Cotton Company want to celebrate all moms. Whether you gave birth, adopted or just stepped up when you were needed, we are grateful beyond measure.

We’re not shy when it comes to bragging about our moms, so enjoy the slideshow we’ve put together in an attempt to show an unrequested, but much deserved ‘Thank You’ to these women who run the world. Because let’s face it, folks. Mothers make the world go ’round!


A Little Birdie Told me

Not gonna lie, y’all. I had a difficult time deciding what play on words to use when it came to this blog post title. So many choices. For instance, maybe “Hello Birdie” (instead of Bye Bye Birdie) for all you theater buffs, or maybe, “A Bird in the hand is worth two at The Cotton Company”, or possibly “I’ll fly away” to pay homage to these winged creatures. I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

What I can do is show you what we’ve got in store (literally) regarding the current song bird decor craze. We’ve embraced it.


Birdie 1

Want to know a secret? This is a salt and pepper shaker set from Pocketful of Posies. Pretty adorable, right?

Birdie 2

Want to know something else? This isn’t a painting. This talented artist creates these with wool & felt fibers. You read that correctly.  Wool & Felt. We are consistently amazed at what she brings to her space in the gallery. You can find this gem as well as many more in the Havenhill Studios on the Gallery side!

Birdie 3

Get comfortable with this song bird pillow from Welcome Home Wreathes. This makes the perfect accent for your nest! Yes–we just made that joke.

Birdie 5

We are loving the splash of color this small bag from DMCDesigns brings! What a fun and cheerful way to tote your make-up or any small necessity that always seem to end up at the bottom of your pocketbook. With this addition to your purse you won’t need a shovel to find your chap stick anymore! The embroidery is done by the fabulous ladies of Carolina Clover and c’mon y’all. It’s the south, whatever you have it needs to be personalized/monogrammed.

Birdie 4

And finally, this little guy may look like he’s been spending too much time at the bird feeder, but we think he would be the perfect addition to your mantle, end table or that empty space on the shelf you’ve been trying to fill. You can find this cutie in the Southern Sass booth on our Marketplace side! But hurry! Only one left!

So what’s the craze with all the song birds? Could be they’re just a reminder that spring will always come. But we think that it goes much deeper than that. We like to believe it represents that there is always something to hope for and to perhaps remind us to never stop singing.

*The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.

Dreaming of Summer Time

Summer State of Mind

Does this weather make you want to crawl into a pan of brownies? Us too. And since at one point a large rodent told us there would be six more weeks of winter, we thought we’d help keep your spirits up while the temperatures are low! Snow happens to be falling as I write this so let’s explore ways to bring that beachy, summertime feeling to you till warmer weather arrives!

Keep in mind, folks. We’re living in North Carolina. We probably define “warmer weather” slightly different than most!


untitled (3 of 9)

Can’t go to the beach just yet? Bring the spirit of the sea to you with this oh so classy and preppy infinity scarf from Carolina Clover!


untitled (5 of 9)

Bring the beach into your home with this coffee table book from Fresh Catch or the lighthouse wall decor from Z-Bakes!


untitled (9 of 9)

These coasters from A Welcome Home could be the perfect accent to your beach house or condo this summer! This booth has oodles of home accents for any room!


untitled (2 of 9)

There is nothing quite like the smell of ocean air and since we can’t bottle that for you, Fresh Catch has gotten as close as possible with their Ocean Pür Shea Butter Lotion!


untitled (6 of 9)

Don’t be shy about statement pieces! We love this anchor necklace from DMC Designs. This booth is dripping with anchor accessories!

*The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.


A Sunday through Saturday Kind of Love

I’m sure you all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The rolling of eyes or giddy squeals of excitement may now commence. It’s true. Most people love it, or hate it. Don’t get me wrong. My heart nearly exploded when I got that single red rose framed by babies breath on Valentine’s Day my freshmen year of high school (Thanks Mom). But recently, I’ve had a revelation. Why not make everyday Valentine’s Day? Why are there only a few special days a year to show your love for someone…

So, here at The Cotton Company we think everyday is  the right day to show how much you love someone. Romance doesn’t have to be a prerequisite to participate in the outwardly show of affection. We think Moms, Dads, Friends, Kids, Furbabies, Brothers and Sisters can all be your Valentine. If they’re special to you they deserve to know. Every single day.

Here are a few fun items that would be great gifts for the “the one” or any special someone.

DSC_0642We love this simple and delicate multi use container. Use it as a daily jewelry catch-all or even a home for your stray desktop supplies. You can find this and much more in the Pocketful of Posies booth on our Marketplace side. Also look here!


Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but we wear ours on our wrists. One charm. One word. But we think it says it all! Find this bracelet and much more in the Purple Petunia booth on our Marketplace side or you can check them out here.


This wall decor would be the perfect addition above the bedside table, end table or even be a sweet reminder above the kitchen sink. Anywhere is the right place to remind those you love just how important they are! This and oodles more home decor can be found in The Robin’s Next booth on our Marketplace side. You can find more items from The Robin’s Nest here.


She already has a heart of gold. Why not give her two more? These lovable and fun accessories can be found in the DMC Design Co. booth on our Marketplace side. Check out these earrings and get a peek at a few more items here.


Don’t worry, fellas. We would never forget about you. This wall decor could be the finishing touch to that man cave they boys have been working hard to finish! You can find this and much more decor catered to the guys in the Z-Bake’s booth on our Marketplace side! Check out more here.

DSC_0649Nothing says love like showing appreciation for what someone else cares about. This is the perfect gift for the canine enthusiast in your life! Towels like this one, food dishes, toys and more can be found in the Fashion Hound booth on our Marketplace side! Custom sayings are available. Click here to see what else might be discovered!

*The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

We gave our staff an unlimited gift card “wink wink” and these are the items we chose for ourselves or for our friends and family.  These favorite items selections are never bought or solicited by vendors. They are actual favorite things chosen from current vendor stock. Be sure to check back in with us for more installments of Our Favorite Things series later this year!

Although Christmas has come and gone, we just couldn’t help compiling a list of some ( because let’s face it, we love it all) of our favorite items that caught our eye during a bustling Holiday Season.


untitled (3 of 12)

Our Gallery Manager, April just can’t get enough of these adorable canine accessories from our Lady Maggie vendor! The Cotton Company welcomes all well behaved dogs so come on in & add a little pizzaz to your poodle with this adorable bow-tie. You can find these items and more here.


untitled (11 of 12)

Cameo, Cameo…where for art thou, Cameo? At the Cotton Company. That’s where. Our newest Sales Associate, Marjorie has been smitten with these little Cameo rings since day one.  These beauties can be found on the Gallery side in Gavy’s Jewelry Case. Be sure to check out even more of her inventory here.


untitled (13 of 12)

Our Sales Associate, Emily, is a self-proclaimed coffee gal and knows her stuff when it comes to being The Queen of Caffeine (& decaf), so take her at her word and try any Bean Therapy coffee and you will not be disappointed. Bean Therapy has a variety of coffee and tea and can be found on the Marketplace side! Don’t forget to check out more of their delicious options here.


untitled (8 of 12)

Calling all North Carolina Natives–and anyone who loves this beautiful state as much as we do. Our Senior Sales Associate, Elizabeth can’t get enough of these shirts from the State Legacy Revival booth on our Marketplace side! And let’s be honest, even if you weren’t born here, North Carolina has a way of making you want to stay. Be sure to check out more of their stock here.


untitled (6 of 12)untitled (7 of 12)

We may not all go riding, but we all love riding boots! Senior Sales Associate, Sammy received a pair of these grey, monogrammed boots for Christmas and we’ve all been green with envy ever since! You can find these and much more in the Carolina Clover booth on the Marketplace side. What Southern gal doesn’t love a custom monogrammed….well, anything!? Want to see more? Visit here.

*The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.

Top Honors for The Cotton Company from The Best of The Best

Top Honors for

The Cotton Company


The Best of the Best was another successful year. A big Thank You to The Wake Weekly for having The Best of The Best contest for local businesses. The Cotton Company would also like say a big Thank You to all those who voted for us. We placed as a top three finalist in four different categories; Best Art Studio, Best Gift Shop, Best Banquet facility, and Favorite Overall Store.

We look forward to continue serving all of our customers, and we again thank you for your votes and for shopping local with us here in Downtown Wake Forest. If you have never visited us, please come join us the next time you are in the area. We have at least 60 different local businesses and artist in our store. We would love to meet you.


The Cotton Company can be located at

306 S. White Street

Wake Forest, NC 27587








     It’s that time again for the downtown, Wake Forest Tour of Artists. This event will be taking place on September 6 from 10am to 6pm and September 7 from 12pm to 5pm. If you’re an art lover, and would like to see different styles and different artists, you would enjoy your time walking the streets of downtown Wake Forest, enjoying the beautiful art and meeting this year’s artists.

   The Cotton Company is participating along with, 15 other galleries in the Tour of Artists event. The Cotton Companyis proud to have seven of our own artists on this year’s tour. Steve Karloski, Sue McGlothlin, Charles Siegmund, Jane Steelman, Valerie Summers, Haven Hill Studios, and Dick Larsen; who was just featured in The Wake Weekly for his paintings. Each Artist will be participating with demonstrations during the tour hours.  We will also have light refreshments for everyone to enjoy.

    Tour maps can be found in the stores in the Downtown Wake Forest area and inside The Cotton Company. They will help guide you on your tour of South White Street and into to each studio. We look forward to seeing you on the 6th and 7th of September, so mark your calendars. These are two days you do not want to miss. 

Lotus Digital Photography Featured in August.

Katie Probst: Lotus Digital Photography with “Life and Landscape in the Lotus”

The summer months may be waning, but the artistic fervor in Downtown Wake Forest is thriving more than ever. On August 8th, The Cotton Company will hold a reception for local North Carolina photographer Katie Probst during Art After Hours.  Katie Probst, known in the photography world as Lotus Digital Photography, has lived in North Carolina since 2006. A SUNY Empire State College graduate and world traveler, Katie desires to capture life through an organic process. She describes her work through the image of the lotus flower:

“While life can place your roots in murky waters [like the lotus flower], if you allow yourself to rise above, you can open up to the beauty and energy of life.  All of that can be captured forever through art.  You just have to leave your eyes and your soul open and [the beauty and energy of life] will be right in front of you.”

For this month’s exhibit at The Cotton Company, Katie will be focusing on life and landscape photography. Beginning at 6pm on August 8th, come enjoy free wine samples and refreshments as we celebrate life through photographs and meet this month’s featured artist, Katie Probst.  The artist reception is free and open to the public.  Katie is offering a collection of prints that are for sale and she will also be displaying her own private collection for us to enjoy.

The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.

Katie Probst’s exhibit will hang in The Cotton Company Gallery from August 4-September 7.

2014-08-04 12.58.07 - Copy2014-08-04 12.57.07

2014-08-04 12.57.462014-08-15 15.52.51


Sue McGlothlin Photography Featured in July

July Features Sue McGlothlin Photography

North Carolina is booming with artistic talent. Growing in popularity for its small town experience is the town of Wake Forest. While Raleigh hosts artists on First Fridays, Durham hosts artists on Third Fridays, and Cary hosts forth Fridays, the Historic Downtown of Wake Forest holds their own community art walk, Art After Hours, every second Friday. What is usually a fairly quiet street in the evenings will be filled with the sounds of live music and the sights of painting and photography, like that of Sue McGlothlin Photography at The Cotton Company.

2014-07-07 15.27.25

Sue McGlothlin is certainly not a new face to downtown Wake Forest. She has been a vendor inside The Cotton Company for almost one year, displaying some of her award-winning slow exposures and bringing joy to the customers each time she comes to work her booth. Originally from Alaska, Sue explored photography for the first time in high school while working in a dark room.  Sue made her way to North Carolina in 2010 via California. When she moved to North Carolina, she began to “wear [her] old camera out” taking in the various wonders of her new home through a viewfinder.  Her photography seeks to display both the history and beauty of North Carolina and surrounding areas.  Her exhibit will be displayed in hand crafted frames, made by her loving husband.  These featured pieces are ready to hang but she also offers a collection of matted prints and greeting cards.

 2014-07-07 15.28.24Sue McGlothlin’s exhibit will hang inside The Cotton Company Art Gallery July 7-August 2nd  in downtown Wake Forest.  It will feature only photographs shot in North Carolina. The Cotton Company will host an artist reception during Art After Hours on July 11 from 6pm-9pm where guests can meet Sue and admire her collection.  This reception is Free and Open to the Public.  Refreshments will be served and to compliment Sue’s North Carolina themed exhibit we will serve a taste of our favorite NC wines.

2014-07-07 15.28.18

The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.

For more information call April Cannon (919) 570-0087.

Sue McGlothlin and her work can be found on facebook: