A Sunday through Saturday Kind of Love

I’m sure you all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The rolling of eyes or giddy squeals of excitement may now commence. It’s true. Most people love it, or hate it. Don’t get me wrong. My heart nearly exploded when I got that single red rose framed by babies breath on Valentine’s Day my freshmen year of high school (Thanks Mom). But recently, I’ve had a revelation. Why not make everyday Valentine’s Day? Why are there only a few special days a year to show your love for someone…

So, here at The Cotton Company we think everyday is ┬áthe right day to show how much you love someone. Romance doesn’t have to be a prerequisite to participate in the outwardly show of affection. We think Moms, Dads, Friends, Kids, Furbabies, Brothers and Sisters can all be your Valentine. If they’re special to you they deserve to know. Every single day.

Here are a few fun items that would be great gifts for the “the one” or any special someone.

DSC_0642We love this simple and delicate multi use container. Use it as a daily jewelry catch-all or even a home for your stray desktop supplies. You can find this and much more in the Pocketful of Posies booth on our Marketplace side. Also look here!


Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but we wear ours on our wrists. One charm. One word. But we think it says it all! Find this bracelet and much more in the Purple Petunia booth on our Marketplace side or you can check them out here.


This wall decor would be the perfect addition above the bedside table, end table or even be a sweet reminder above the kitchen sink. Anywhere is the right place to remind those you love just how important they are! This and oodles more home decor can be found in The Robin’s Next booth on our Marketplace side. You can find more items from The Robin’s Nest here.


She already has a heart of gold. Why not give her two more? These lovable and fun accessories can be found in the DMC Design Co. booth on our Marketplace side. Check out these earrings and get a peek at a few more items here.


Don’t worry, fellas. We would never forget about you. This wall decor could be the finishing touch to that man cave they boys have been working hard to finish! You can find this and much more decor catered to the guys in the Z-Bake’s booth on our Marketplace side! Check out more here.

DSC_0649Nothing says love like showing appreciation for what someone else cares about. This is the perfect gift for the canine enthusiast in your life! Towels like this one, food dishes, toys and more can be found in the Fashion Hound booth on our Marketplace side! Custom sayings are available. Click here to see what else might be discovered!

*The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.

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