A Little Birdie Told me

Not gonna lie, y’all. I had a difficult time deciding what play on words to use when it came to this blog post title. So many choices. For instance, maybe “Hello Birdie” (instead of Bye Bye Birdie) for all you theater buffs, or maybe, “A Bird in the hand is worth two at The Cotton Company”, or possibly “I’ll fly away” to pay homage to these winged creatures. I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

What I can do is show you what we’ve got in store (literally) regarding the current song bird decor craze. We’ve embraced it.


Birdie 1

Want to know a secret? This is a salt and pepper shaker set from Pocketful of Posies. Pretty adorable, right?

Birdie 2

Want to know something else? This isn’t a painting. This talented artist creates these with wool & felt fibers. You read that correctly. ¬†Wool & Felt. We are consistently amazed at what she brings to her space in the gallery. You can find this gem as well as many more in the Havenhill Studios on the Gallery side!

Birdie 3

Get comfortable with this song bird pillow from Welcome Home Wreathes. This makes the perfect accent for your nest! Yes–we just made that joke.

Birdie 5

We are loving the splash of color this small bag from DMCDesigns brings! What a fun and cheerful way to tote your make-up or any small necessity that always seem to end up at the bottom of your pocketbook. With this addition to your purse you won’t need a shovel to find your chap stick anymore! The embroidery is done by the fabulous ladies of Carolina Clover and c’mon y’all. It’s the south, whatever you have it needs to be personalized/monogrammed.

Birdie 4

And finally, this little guy may look like he’s been spending too much time at the bird feeder, but we think he would be the perfect addition to your mantle, end table or that empty space on the shelf you’ve been trying to fill. You can find this cutie in the Southern Sass booth on our Marketplace side! But hurry! Only one left!

So what’s the craze with all the song birds? Could be they’re just a reminder that spring will always come. But we think that it goes much deeper than that. We like to believe it represents that there is always something to hope for and to perhaps remind us to never stop singing.

*The Cotton Company is a boutique marketplace shopping destination and art gallery in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over sixty individual businesses and artists, we strive to support small businesses and drive the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who reside inside.

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