Stars and Stripes

While Memorial Day is often a day for gathering with friends, shopping, time on the lake, eating and just general relaxation, it is also important to remember that these freedoms are sustained by those willing to sacrifice for them. Being the wife of a Veteran, it feels important to remind all of us (even myself) that we have great opportunities here in this wonderful country because throughout generations, brave men and women have preserved them and they deserve to be remembered. That being said, all of us here at The Cotton Company want you to come out, enjoy your freedom, socialize and just bask in the unique shopping experience we offer. So we’ve compiled a few fun and patriotic pieces for you and your home.

psssst….These would also work for July 4th!




This pillow transports you to an entirely different time period while still showing your love for the good ole USA! Check this out at Pocketful of Posies‘ booth on our Marketplace side!





Show your patriotism by putting together this snazzy pair from the DMC Designs booth on our Marketplace side! It’s always the right time to don your red, white and blue!

Hosting any parties during these patriotic summer holidays? These fun magnets/chalkboard would make a perfect party accessory or even unique party favors!

This can also be found in the Pocketful of Posies booth!

I know what you’re thinking. A scarf? In summer? Don’t forget Veteran’s Day during much chillier times. This could also be the finishing touch to that outfit you’ve been putting together for your military loved one’s homecoming!

Check out this scarf and more in the Girly Corner booth on our Marketplace side!


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