The Cotton Company Has Added 13 Videos on Web Site On History of Wake Forest and Wake Forest University

Click here to see the listings of the videos about the history of Wake Forest, home of  The Cotton Company.  Interesting videos from early Southern Conference basketball game between WFU and Carolina, as well as preparations in the town for WWII, and the latest on the history of the downtown buildings.

The Cotton Company As A Business Incubator For Business Entrepreneurs and Artists

Responding to an upcoming article about how The Cotton Company has spawned new businesses in Historic Downtown Wake Forest:



I am working on an article for the newsletter about the Downtown as an incubator. The focus will be on how Ginger was at the Cotton Company and now she is opening her new studio. Would you be willing to answer a couple of questions? There are great examples how you and the Cotton Company have led to success in other areas of downtown! Below are the questions. Please let me know if you have any questions.

1. Several vendors from the Cotton Company have opened their own stores. When opening the Cotton Company, was a goal to become an incubator? Continue reading

New Years Resolutions…

It must be January. I say this because every January, beginning with New Years Day there is always a lot of chatter about making New Years resolutions and how to keep them.

Personally, I do not make New Years resolutions and haven’t for some time. Not to say that I don’t make resolutions, or set goals, I definitely do that, but I do that as needed. If I recognize there is something I need to change in my business or personal life, I resolve to make a change right then, no waiting until the next January to do it!

This year I have a challenge for all our downtown supporters…Every time you need a gift, resolve to think first of downtown Wake Forest and all the wonderful locally owned and operated shops and boutiques located here and see if we don’t have something that meets your needs!

Here at The Cotton Company we work hard to have a unique variety of gifts and items for you home. Our selection of art is every changing and our artists are often in their studio happy to discuss a commission for that special gift or occasion. We hope that you will continue to think of us for your gift giving needs throughout the year, and thank you for your support during this past holiday season!

If we don’t continue to support downtown businesses even after the holiday season is over, some of them might not be here when you want to shop with them next holiday season.

Until next time…


The most wonderful time …

I have a confession to make. I love the holiday season! The lights, the scent, the holiday tunes old and new. I can’t get enough of it. I know some people hear Christmas music on November 1 and think it is too early to hear it before Thanksgiving, but I’m not one of them.

In my experience, people always seem to be a little kinder, a little more friendly and a little more understanding during the holiday season. For one short time of the year maybe we are thinking about others more than we are thinking of ourselves. Why wouldn’t we want that to last as long as possible?!

A few of my favorite things about the holiday season:

Hot chocolate stirred with a candy cane

Receiving Christmas cards that actually contain notes from distant friends or family

The fragrance of the season whether real, or in the case of my artificial tree, created by candles!

The innocent delight of children on Christmas morning

Finding the perfect gift for all the people I love!

So if you think I’m crazy for putting up my Christmas tree in mid-November and playing Christmas music  starting with Halloween, well, maybe you’re one of those people who thinks the holidays are a drudgery…but if you, like me, want this feeling to last as long as possible and savor each moment of pine scent and twinkly lights, each play of “Let It Snow” then maybe you also want to enjoy the season. A chance once a year to make a gingerbread house with your children or grandchildren, the opportunity to spread good cheer with others less fortunate than yourself and a chance to Enjoy Holiday Shopping again!  Stop in and visit with us at The Cotton Company and enjoy some hot cider on the weekend. Why not actually enjoy the process of choosing thoughtful gifts made with heart and hand and given with LOVE!

Merry Christmas Y’all!