306 S. White Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587 Map it!


Open: Mon-Thur 10-6 pm,  Fri 10-7pm, Sat 10-6 pm,  Sun 1-5 pm

  Looking for a centrally located wedding or wedding reception venue in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina?   Consider choosing The Event Gallery of The Cotton Company. 

   Located in the historic downtown of Wake Forest, one mile from Raleigh, 28 miles from Durham, 38 miles from Chapel Hill, The Event Gallery offers a novel, unique setting convenient to local and out of town guests.

   Guests can come early or stay late and enjoy the ambience of the historic downtown and it's shops or simply enjoy shopping in the Cotton Company for memorable gifts in a charming shop that has made a reputation on "Enjoy Shopping Again". 

   Create a wonderful experience from a wedding venue location central to North Carolina and loaded with charm.

The Forests of Wake County is Wake Forest, N.C.  Gentle stream in the forest is shown in this picture.