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Shady Oak Studio 

Handmade Pottery: Art for Everyday Life.

By Sharon Schaffer


 From dinner plates and bowls to pitchers and collanders, Sharon Schaffer has created a beautiful collection of pottery that offers all one can ask for in form and function. 

"I have been fascinated with the process of creating visual images for as long as I can remember. I am influenced by the patterns and colors I see in nature, the repetition of a pattern that is perfectly created, but with enough variation to give it life.

The finished pot is about fusing together texture, reflected light and function."

"My patterns are always evolving, but the function of my pottery remains the same. I enjoy being able to share pottery pieces that function well for everyday use, but will give the user a sense of participating in the use of something special. It gives me pleasure to be able to share a little bit of me with you."



  Sharon Schaffer can custom make personalized pottery for a unique one of a kind housewarming or friendship gift. Visit her on the web!