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Semi-Precious Gemstones
True Baltic Amber, Titanium Druzy Pendants, and More

All of my jewelry is made from semi-precious gemstones and genuine sterling silver. The only exception are my brooches where I use silver plated brass for the pins to try to keep the pricing reasonable as this is a large chunk of metal. I started making jewelry in early 2011 and instantly fell in love with the art of creating these beautiful piece.

At the same time, my business sense and experience ( I'm also CEO & Founder of a specialty travel company called Partners In Team Travel ) told me that I wanted to remain practical in my pricing and make pieces that were inexpensive enough for a woman to treat herself for no reason at all and get a piece of jewelry that looked like it cost much more. 

"I have a passion for creating jewelry that stands out from the crowd. I work with my stone lapidaries to hand pick each stone and won't purchase a stone that I haven't seen a picture of first. The stone must also strike me as being unusual in some way and something that I envision wearing myself. I don't want to sell any piece of jewelry that I wouldn't be thrilled to receive as a gift. I also feel that it is important for my jewelry to be priced in a fair and affordable price range so that a woman or her significant other, friend, relative, etc. can feel good about financially and that looks like it cost more than it actually did."
-Dena, Owner of Dena's Jewelry Box found at The Cotton Company. 



The stones I work with are all considered semi-precious and include some very special items. All of my Amber is true Baltic Amber sourced from Gdansk, Poland and my signature pieces are my Titanium Druzy Pendants. These are fascinating multi-colored and very faceted stones that are mined from volcanoes that went extinct about 250 million years ago and were formed when the plates shifted trapping gasses and minerals. Only a few people in the world know how to mine these stones and I'm one of the few jewelers lucky enough to be working with these stones. 

You can also contact Dena through her website www.denasjewelrybox.com or just stop by The Cotton Company to see her wide variety of precious stones and gems.