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Open: Mon-Thur 10-6 pm,  Fri 10-7pm, Sat 10-6 pm,  Sun 1-5 pm

Steve Karloski


Steve’s passion for creating is currently dominated by ceramics and 3-dimensional sculptural form. Using a variety of natural themes, Steve pushes the limits of clay to make pieces that entertain, create dialogue, and interact with others as well as the artist himself. A primary goal of his work is to inspire others to look at art and the world in different ways, particularly to inspire those who normally lack appreciation for visual art.  He spends less time drawing and painting these days, choosing sculpture as a way to engage the viewer by creating an object that shares our physical reality.


Steve’s sculptures range from functional to decorative, and from realistic to abstract. His masks address the human condition on both simple and complex levels; his ceramic work focuses on natural form using a variety of methods, including hand built and wheel-thrown work.


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