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Pantry Stuffers Dehydrated Soups

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Steve Moore and Wanda Clark formed Pantry Stuffers, LLC in 2012. Two generations coming together with a single vision to help meet the need to be prepared -- without sacrificing convenience..
The vision of Pantry Stuffers is to see every pantry stuffed with enough food to survive whatever storms life brings.  


We offer cookbooks, seminars, and ready-to-eat food mixes.  Our first cookbook, "Soup Mixes using Dehydrated Products" provides a collection of soup mixes using dehydrated, freeze dried and dried products. Our second book, "Rehydration Made Easy" provides re-hydration charts for many dehydrated, freeze-dried and powdered products. 

We currently offer a variety of classic and gourmet soup mixes.  We are working on a line of low sodium and gluten free soup mixes as well as other other types of food mixes.  
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