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Paul’sWoodcarving and Creations

Welcome to my world of wood.  I am Paul Kentor and my journey started very early in life in 1964, when I built my first inside corner cabinet for a kitchen.  I come from a long line of German family cabinet makers, so it was natural for me to “play with wood” rather than toys.


I learned wood working with hand tools, as electronic tools were hard to come by in Alabama in the sixties where I grew up which was on a large farm.  I progressed to building structures for the farm such as cattle barns and livestock feeders, but my passion grew quickly to perfect my cabinet and furniture making skills.


At the age of 10 I learned how to turn wood using the lathe and created items such as candlestick holders, lamps, and table legs.  I learned how to build homes in my teens and began installing my custom wood designs as built-in cabinetry and shelving.  Over the years examples of my custom home designs have been pictured in leading home journals.  Wood working has remained both a hobby and a business for me through the years as main sources of income have most been through general contracting and over the road commercial truck driving. 


I am excited to present my current product line which features exotic species of woods found in far places such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and South/Central America.  From Asia come woods such a Marble Wood, with its brown, tiger like stripes on a yellow base.  The reddish Padauk wood grows in Africa and is valued for its toughness and decorative appeal.   Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood from Central America; usually orange or reddish-brown in color, with figuring of darker irregular traces weaving through the wood.  Bocote wood is logged by hand with mules in a responsible cutting method in Southern Mexico.  Beautiful swirling patterns can be seen in the wood as yellows fade to a tobacco brown while blacks remain.  Works in process include wood from Africa such as Ebony, black in color and extremely hard to come by.



Please take your time as you view my work and appreciate the unique details and creativity I bring to my collections of pens, bottle stoppers, and more!


Paul Kentnor




Enjoy Shopping!!