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Intense Glass
Fused Glass Jewelry and Accessories
The Process of Fused Glass Artistry by Emily Will, owner of Intense Glass
1. Once the project is designed, the pieces are drawn on glass. Glass has no "grain" lke wood has. Rather than "cutting" the glass, a line is "scored."
2. Using the pressure of special pliers, the score is "run" through the glass, and the piece breaks along the score line. It's like magic...
3. When the piece needs touching up, the lap grinder and edge grinder use diamond cutters and running water to do the job.
4. After any necessary grinding, the pieces are washed and dried.
5. Frit (ground up bits of glass) will be used to give a "painterly" appearance to the project.
6. Three shades of green frit will give natural variation to the color of the final piece after it has been fired.
7. Earlier, small bits of glass were fired to make these decorative elements.
8. The decorated pieces were fired in a kiln to 1550 degrees Farenhite. With bail glued on, the project will be ready to wear!