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The Carolina Bee Company -

Offering All Natural, Handcrafted Soaps, lip balms and more

Escape this sea of artificial chemicals that we live in!  All products made by The Carolina Bee Company are made from scratch with the very best all-natural to include, of course, the blessings of The Carolina Bee Company honey bees: A kiss of honey & beeswax!

Some of the larger ingredients, like oatmeal in the Honey Oatmeal soap, are ground down so they will not be harsh or abrasive to the skin.  You can use all of their soaps for face or body washing.

Carolina Bee Company's soaps do not contain the artificial
hardeners or preservatives found in commercially produced bars.  Therefore, you must use a soap dish that drains properly. If your BeeClean! soap is left in a pool of moisture, it will eventually become unsatisfactorily mushy. If it does become mushy, drain off the excess fluid, let it dry, and it should return to its previous state. Come by today to check out all the great natural products!

   Enjoy the below video on our N.C. bee products using natural honey and beeswax produced locally by nature's hardest workers: